I wrote ScreenHint because it helps me think while I work. I don’t have the best memory or focus (who does anymore?). A tool like this helps me work like I would at my desk; moving things around, grouping notes together, jotting stuff down on bits of paper. It’s not a rigid or prescriptive way to work, but I’ve found it to work really well for me.

ScreenHint is heavily inspired by Snappy, a snapshotting app. Snappy no longer appears to be maintained, and it seems to have broken in macOS 11. My hope for ScreenHint is not to be a re-implementation of Snappy, but a re-imagining of what a tool like Snappy could be like with a focus on productivity. If you maintain Snappy, know that I loved your app and would love to talk more about it with you.

This landing site is a fork of 11ty-landing-page by Tom Doe. The site is powered by 11ty, which I absolutely love using. I designed the logo and icons in Figma with the help of this Figma template by Václav Vančura.

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